Facial cosmetic treatments


Facial skincare cosmetic treatments

In our salon we use only luxury cosmetic brands Sothys Paris (Frąance) and ComfortZone (Italy).

At Beautyshape Center in Prague you can indulge yourself with luxury skincare treatments from both Sothys Paris and Comfort Zone cosmetic brands. All the treatments are only done by certified cosmetologists with at minimum 8-year experience in the industry.

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Skin diagnostics

Skin diagnostics with SKIN ANALISER machine (USA)

Certified instrumental skin analysis and skin recommendation for the whole year!

You spend hundreds or thousands of crowns every year on skin care? Are you sure what your skin really needs and how to take care for it properly?
Put yourself in professional hands and try BeautyShape's certified American skin analysis device.
Our analysis of facial skin shows the current state of the client's skin - not only the surface but also in the deeper layers, which are not visible to the naked eye. This device allows us to create a special program for your regular skin care.
The treatment takes 30 minutes and contains of a skin analysis that includes the detection of hydration in the skin. This treatment can uncover hidden problems such as: pigmentation, sun damage, dehydrated skin, enlarged pores, acne, oily skin zone, the accumulation of dead skin cells, dark circles around the eyes, dry area around the eyes, wrinkles.

800 CZK

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Basic facial treatments

Basic face cleansing treatment with ultrasound (45 min)

Incl. skin analysis, a exfoliation, a ultrasound deep cleaning of pores, mask and cream based on skin type.


650 CZK

Special Offer! Basic face cleansing treatment with ultrasound (if bought together with treatment from Comfort Zone or Sothys)

350 CZK

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Facial skin care treatments by Comfort Zone (Italy)

ComfortZone is a complex spa project, developed by Italian company DAVINES Spa is located in Parma, Italy. Proven world’s leading quality of products by obtaining the «Best Spa Cosmetics Spa in European» and Asian Spa Awards in 2006 and 2008».

ComfortZone is used in luxury beauty salons, spas and declared the best hotel chains like Hilton, Intercontinental, Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Sheraton, Hyatt. ComfortZone provides exceptional results and long-term care for your beauty. This treatment is also an unforgettable sensory experience.

Treatments provide a deep relaxation with visible and long-lasting effect against signs of aging. They include anti-stress aroma ritual, oxidizing cleansing, nourishing facial massage, neck and hands, application intensive rejuvenating masks, skin treatments and final cup of herbal tea at the end. The therapist will recommend treatment program in order you can reach the ideal rejuvenating effect.

Comfort zone facialsComfort zone facial treatment in prague

Hydramemory (60 min)

Deep hydrating and restoring treatment based on desert plant extracts. Exceptional moisturizing and restoration of dry, dehydrated, and dull skin while promoting a silky skin texture.

1 200 CZK

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Skin Resonance (60 min)

Equalizing and strengthening treatment for sensitive and delicate Skin. Finally something for those who thought they could never have a facial experience! The technology and synergy of Echium oil, white tea extract and yeast extract offer a protective treatment for reactive skin subject to redness, coupe rose and fragile capillaries. Redness is eliminated and fragile sensitive skin is renovated.


1 400 CZK

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Active Pureness Algae Regenerate (90 min)

Purifying and regenerating treatment. This transformational facial treatment utilizes the healing ingredients of green clay, algae, extracts of sage and ivy, also containing hero ingredients like extracts of pineapple, grapefruit and lemon. This luxurious treatment will leave pores noticeably minimized and the skin velvety smooth to the touch. A dream come true for those with oily and/or acne prone skin.

1 900 CZK

Package 2+1 for half a price - save up to 950 CZK!

4 750 CZK

Package 4+1 for free - save up to 1 900 CZK!

7 600 CZK


Glorious Skin (90 min)

Lifting treatment with immediate effect. Remodeled facial features, relieves swelling,smooths wrinkles.

1 950 CZK

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Novinka! Peeling Chrono-reverser (60 min)

Innovative rejuvenating deep peeling with fruit acids renews skin texture, smoothes and unifies the skin color.


1 200 CZK

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Multiactive eye mask (along with CZ treatment)

Visible renewal of areas around eyes, reduction of bags or dark circles under eyes, lifting effect.


350 CZK

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Absolute Pearl (60 min)

Whitening, lightening anti-spot treatment. This treatment will greatly increase skin luminosity and provide oxygenating action. A long-term program will progressively lighten hyper-pigmented areas and restore an even tone.

Results: Glowing skin, decrease appearance and prevention of dark spots, uniform and lighter skin color.


1 850 CZK

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Facial skin treatments by Sothys (France)

Sothys Paris belongs to world’s exclusive cosmetic brands. It is the Signature of Excellence in Professional Skin Care. Setting the standards of professional beauty care for more than 60 years –SOTHYS is renowned for bringing advanced skin care and expertise to consumers exclusively through professional spas worldwide.

From Paris and across the globe. Sothys is dedicated to the Beauty Industry. A global brand that transcends continents and cultures, represented in 20,000 spas in over 115 countries worldwide.

Each treatment includes: make-up removal, peeling according to skin type, massage, serum, mask, day cream, basic make-up.

Basic face cleansing treatment Sothys (60 min)

Tailor made skincare treatment based on your skin needs. Maintains and protects different skin types.


1 350 CZK

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Sothys Soin Peeling Resurfacant (75 min)

Detoxify, oxygenate and resurface the skin for immediate visible results. A manual micro-dermabrasion with semi-precious ruby & sapphire crystals is followed by a renewing glycolic/salicylic peel. A relaxing massage and oxygenating mask reveal a radiant, clear complexion.


1 700 CZK

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Bio Beauty Garden Sothys (60 min)

Natural and organic facials containing extracts of hawthorn, angelica and cherry buds. Suitable for all skin types. Results: smooth and glowing skin.


1 400 CZK

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Sothys Anti-Age Hyalouronique Collagene (90 min)

The first customized anti-ageing intensive treatment, adapted to the real age of your skin according to the expert diagnosis of your beauty therapist, who determines the ageing grade. A professional treatment, allying Digi-Esthetique technology with an exclusive modelling technique for a proven and long lasting efficiency.

Results: smoother, firmer, regenerated skin. After 3 treatments your skin looks 4 years younger!*
*Test conducted on 41 people who received 3 treatments. Opinion expressed by 90% of people, considering they have obviously won 4 years on signs of age.


2 350 CZK

Package 2+1 for half a price - save up to 1 175 CZK!

5 875 CZK

Package 4+1 for free - save up to 2 350 CZK!

9 400 CZK

Hydra3HA (75 min)

Intensive moisturizing treatment provides superior hydration for all skin types. It comprises potent mushroom extract 1055 + synergistic moisturizing actives for maximum hydration of the skin. Extract stimulates the production of foals 1055 filaggrin. This key protein significant effect on the hydration of cells. Results: revitalized, supple and moisturized skin. + 34% improvement in hydration after one treatment. Youthful appearance! 80% of people confirmed that their skin looks younger. An innovative range of cosmetic moisturizing HYDRADVANCE Sothys won "Golden Cup Interbeauty Fair Prague 2012".

2 100 CZK

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We recommend these products for home care

Luxury cosmetic brand Sothys (France)

Kupuj profesionální značkové přípravky Sothys on-line. Akce! Při nákupu nad 1000 Kč Vám vrátíme 15% z částky zpět.
První salónní boutique v Praze od centra krasy BEAUTYSHAPE. Více zde >

Luxury SPA brand Comfort Zone (Itálie)

Kupuj profesionální značkové přípravky Comfort Zone on-line. Akce! Při nákupu nad 1000 Kč Vám vrátíme 15% z částky zpět.
První salónní boutique v Praze od centra krasy BEAUTYSHAPE. Více zde >

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