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Brazilian bikini, legs waxing

Luxury 3-step Bio waxing by RÉFÉRENCE France

A natural warm wax and strip wax depilation by RÉFÉRENCE is a complex program, which includes not only waxing, but also pre and post care treatments.

Your absolute satisfaction is guaranteed not only by our method of hair removal themselves, but also by our professional derma-cosmetics that are suitable for all skin types – even for very sensitive skin.

Bio brazilian wax photoAdvantages of our BIO waxing treatment compared to classical wax:

  • prevents ingrown hair and skin irritation after waxing
  • weakens or even reduces hair growth
  • prolongs the time between two depilations
  • softens and makes your skin perfectly smooth

Effect after waxing will last from 3 till 8 weeks, which is much longer compared to effect achieved by using the depilation creams and shaving. You can wax almost any area of the body (incl. bikini area, legs, arms, back, abdomen and feet). During waxing our specialist will apply a thin layer of wax over the skin. A waxing strip is then pressed on the top and ripped off against the direction of hair growth. All the wax is removed along with the hair and the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth.

French BIO WAXING in Prague

depilace brazilska

Full legs


750 CZK


350 CZK

Upper arms

290 CZK

Full arms

490 CZK


490 CZK


590 CZK


390 CZK

Bikini line + inner thighs

550 CZK

Bikini (Brazilian)

750 CZK

Bikini (Hollywood)

990 CZK

The differences of Bikini, Extended bikini, Bikini (Brazilian) and Bikini (Hollywood) waxing you can find HERE>


Special offers - body waxing packages

780 CZK


Body waxing package

  • Includes:

    Calves and Armpits

  • Duration: 1 hodina
  • You save: 100 CZK
990 CZK


Body waxing package

  • Includes:

    Bikini (Brazilian) & Armpits

  • Duration: 1 hodina
  • You save: 150 CZK
1 640 CZK


Body waxing package

  • Includes:

    Full legs, Brazilian, Armpits

  • Duration: 2 hodiny
  • You save: 250 CZK

Plan to visit our waxing salon regularly? Get a special prices for waxing services

50% discount for bikini wax, holywood waxing prague

Package 2+1 for half a price (you save up to 450 CZK!)

You purchase 2 treatments and you get the third treatment at half a price!
Validity: 4 months*


Package 4+1 FOR FREE (you save up to 900 CZK!)

You purchase 4 treatments and you get the fifth treatment for free!
Validity: 6 months*


*Offer is valid only for individual waxing services above 600 CZK!


Sugar wax depilation (sugaring)

Sugaring hair removal has been practiced for over a thousand years by Egyptian womend and is a natural, less painful and less irritating form of hair removal. Sugar is made with sugar, water and lemon juice formed to feel and be used like a wax substitute. Sugar paste is massaged into the skin by hand at a lukewarm temperature. It is environmentally safe and is the purest and most natural way to remove unwanted hair.

photo Sugar wax depilation prague

Benefits of sugaring. Why is it better than wax?

► It pulls in the same direction as the hair growth, thus no breakage at the surface.
► The natural formulation reduces irritation to the skin. It is safe for the most sensitive skin and skin conditions.
► Compared to classical waxing, sugar also pulls the hair in the earliest stage of growth (called the anagen stage). When removed at this stage the re-growth is much slower and finer. Hair at that stage cannot be pulled with the traditional wax method as it is too short for the wax to adhere.
► With long term use of sugar, clients often notice a gradual diminishment of hair.


Sugaring - pricelist

photo waxing hair removal service



590 CZK

Bikini line

600 CZK

Bikini + inner thighs

700 CZK

Bikini (Brazilian)

990 CZK

Bikini (Hollywood)

1 400 CZK

Package INTIM - sugaring - you save 180 CZK!

Includes: bikini (Brazilian), armpits. Duration: 90 minutes

1 400 CZK


leg waxing

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