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Endospheres in Prague.
Endospheres brings miracles!

Innovative Italian technology 3-in-1: Anti-cellulite massage, Weight loss, and Lymphatic drainage. For both women and men.

Are you familiar with the new wonder in device-based cosmetology — the treatment called endospheres? This method from the arsenal of device-based cosmetology also helps to remove excess inches from the waist and hips, tightens the skin of the face and neck, eliminates sagging, and tones. It also fights the equally detested cellulite. And all this - using the same device without pain and bruising.
Endospheres Therapy is an Italian device. It is a method of targeted impact on the deep layers of the skin using low-frequency unique microsphere compression and vibration technology using a special head made of 55 silicone balls.

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Endospheres Therapy treatment Prague

What areas does Endospheres Therapy work with?

Depending on your needs, non-surgical Endospheres Therapy technique can be used on many areas of the body. The device-based endospheres massage helps restore a beautiful body silhouette and slow down the skin aging.


The treatmnet for the waist and hips helps remove cellulite, stretch marks, and get rid of extra inches in volume.

When applied to the area of the arms and buttocks, endospheres help tighten sagging skin and provide elasticity and relief. Swelling is eliminated by removing water and toxins (via lymphatic drainage), and muscles and vascular walls are strengthened.

Face. Endospheric therapy for the neck, face, and décolletage helps sculpt an oval shape of face, smooth fine lines, restore skin tone, improve its color, and condition.

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What are the advantages of Endospheres Therapy treatment?

Endospheres offer several advantages:

  • Gives results after the first procedure. It helps improve your silhouette and lose weight.
  • Has lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite effects for various stages (including fibrotic cellulite).
  • Safe. It does not damage blood vessels, nor does it create discomfort or pain. There are minimal contraindications.
  • Hypoallergenic. and it has a cumulative effect that intensifies over the course of treatments.
  • It can be customized and focused exclusively on problem areas.

Endosphères Therapy Prices 


endosfera terapie

1 treatment Endosphére - 45 min


1 950 Kč


Endosphére (1st visit) - 45 min. Discount 40%!

1950Kč  1200 Kč


Treatment of back fat and arms / bra bulge -15min.

700 Kč



Endosphére cena

Package Endosphére 6+1 FREE

Validity of the package: 1 month. You save 1950 Kč!

13 650Kč  11.700 Kč

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Package Endosphére 10+2 FREE

Validity of the package: 2 months. You save 3900 Kč!

23 400Kč  19.500 Kč

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For whom is the endospheres therapy suitable for? (Indications):

Endospheres is a procedure suitable for everyone, men and women, without age restrictions.
  • Cellulite at various stages and even connective tissue deformations;
  • Excess weight and extra body inches;
  • Increased volume of fluid in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, stagnant processes of the lymphatic system;
  • For stretch marks, sagging and loose skin.
  • After liposuction

Kontraindikace pro endosféru:

Endosférická terapie má samozřejmě jako každé ošetření i omezení. Nelze jej podstoupit:
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Deep vein thrombosis and thrombophlebitis;
  • Skin damage – rashes, wounds, inflammations, stages 3-4 acne;
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Psoriasis, furunculosis, fungal skin lesions
In all other cases, you can book an Endospheres session and experience its effectiveness for your body.

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Endospheres - results Before/After

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Endospheres. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Will Endospheres help with advanced cellulite?

    AYes, this procedure is effective at any stage of cellulite (including fibrotic), as it affects the circulation of lymph and blood, helps eliminate fluid stagnation in the dermis, and thereby improves the condition of the skin.
  • How many inches I lose after completing the Endospheres course?

    It depends on the characteristics of your body, but on average, the volume in the buttocks area decreases by 2-2.5 cm after Endospheres therapy.
  • Is it possible to undergo Endospheres therapy after liposuction?

    After liposuction, it is necessary to "squeeze out" edema – the excess fluid that always forms at the sites where liposuction was performed. Therefore, Endospheres should be performed as soon as the incisions have healed.
  • Why is it necessary to drink water after the treatment?

    The strong lymphatic drainage effect of Endospheres supports the removal of waste substances and toxins.
  • How long does an Endospheres course last?

    The course typically includes 10-12 sessions, 2-3 times a week, depending on the complexity of the problems. To maintain the effect, it is recommended to have 1 procedure once a week.
  • Are Endospheres procedures painful?

    No. The procedure is painless, especially during massages of the hips, buttocks, and back. Minor discomfort is possible when working on areas of the body with a small amount of muscle tissue, such as the shins.

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