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Lash lifting can do wonders! Especially for women who don‘t have long and thick eye lashes by nature!

Lash lift treatment is a new way for women, who do not want to solve their lash problem with lash extensions or adhesive or mascara. This French method of thickening, lifting, extending and highlighting your own lashes allows you to achieve a natural look without synthetic gluing or heated eyelash curling.

Your eyes will be more attractive than ever before with Yumi Lashes products

In BeautySahape Prague for all lash lift treatments, we are using exclusively a Yumi Lashes - the revolutionary French brand, which opens more possibilities for highlighting lashes with maximum natural effect. Yumi lashes is a safe, pain-free method and non-invasive method how to highlight your eyes – they will look flawless at all time!

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What is lash lifting by Yumi Lashes?

Lash lifting method (so called lash keratin laminating) is a French innovative method, which adds length and curls to your own lashes, highlights them with color and gives them visual volume and lift. With lash keratin laminating, you’ll get longer and fuller appearance of lashes. The effects last between 6-8 weeks depending on your lash type. About 70% of our clients go for lash lifit once every 7 weeks.

The Lash Lift treatment instantly makes your own natural lashes appear longer and fuller without the use of extensions or any harmful chemicals.

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How Lash Lifting is done at BeautyShape?

Laminating lashes is a three-phase process which leaves your lashes fuller, darker and naturally curled. In long term, your lashes will be stronger due to application of nourishing serums.

  • First, your lashes are deeply cleaned and put on a silicone pad. Each lash is treated individually so they do not touch. After that, special serum is applied so the lash structure opens.
  • Next phase is perming lotion to fixate the lift effect and after that comes filling lashes with a special tint to intensify the look. The tint pigment is available in multiple color variations for achieving a natural lash look.
  • Last step contains a lash serum full of vitamins, proteins and amino acids which help to nourish and firm the structure of lashes.

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The Lash Lift treatment + colour boost (80 min). Special price!

Each treatment includes: cleaning of lashes, lashes lifting & thickening, prolonged colour boost dyeing for extra definition, long-term curling, application of serums with vitamins, proteins and amino acids to rejuvenate the area around the eye.


1950Kč  1590 Kč

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Offer! The Lash Lift package 2+1 with 50% off

Validity of package: 5 mounths from the 1st lashlift service. You save 975 Kč!

4875 Kč

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photo lash lift treatment

Benefits of lash lifting in BeautyShape:

  • Gives your lashes extra regeneration, nourishment and strength. More faster lash growth thanks to serums application to roots
  • The treatment contains a serum full of vitamins, proteins and amino acids which help to rejuvenating and smoothing the whole area around the eyes
  • Damaged lashes (for example by unprofessional prolonging) gain more natural look and structure – and without any allergic reactions
  • Natural and vivid look of beautifully framed eye for to 2 months with no extensions, no adhesive and no mascara
  • For Lash lift treatment we use only 100% original materials of French brand Yumi Lashes. Each treatment is done exclusively by certified professionals.

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Video How LASH LIFTING treatment is done. Results BEFORE / AFTER

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Lash lift treatment (FAQs)

  • How long does it take to have Yumi Lashes – lash lift treatment?

    Application of Yumi Lashes takes about 60 – 80 minutes. Treatment is very comfortable and during the session, you can relax from every-day stress. Application will not irritate your eyes in any way so you can have a nice “lunch pause” during day.
  • How long does lash lifting effect last? When shell I repeat the treatment?

    Lash lifting will last about 6 to 8 weeks, which is a natural cycle for lash growth. There is no need for additional correction of any kind. During this time, lashes are naturally boosted all the time. Curly and boosted lash effect has immediate result and lashes have stronger structure and the “open eye” impression last during entire lash cycle.
  • Are there any restriction after lash lifting?

    You can use any cosmetics or contact lenses immediately after the procedure. Lash lifting does not irritate your eyes in any way. Curly and boosted effect is immediate and there is no need for additional care. You can be yourself without any restriction.

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