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Аcne treatment

What is Acne?

Acne vulgaris (commonly referred to as Acne) is characterized as a sebaceous gland disorder that results in plugged pores and outbreaks of lesions (“zits, spots, pimples”). These glands make an oily substance called sebum. The pores connect to the glands by a canal called a follicle. Inside the follicles, oil carries dead skin cells to the surface of the skin.

  • Acne appears usually on the face, neck, back, chest & shoulders. [list_item]Most common skin disorder: 85% of the population between the ages 12-24 has some level of acne.
  • Has a prominent social impact: a serious toll on self esteem, relationships and careers.
  • Severe acne – may result in disfiguring and permanent scarring.
Treating acne is often a long journey that can take its toll on your confidence but our aim is to get you to a place where you’re happy with, and maintaining, your better skin.
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IPL Therapy - a fast and effective treatment to remove acne

IPL Acne Therapy is a very effective new light-based therapeutic method is now revolutionizing the treatment of acne. The IPL Acne therapy acts on the sebaceous glands. This reduces their activity, which slows down production of the body oil sebum.

You can enjoy long-term significant improvement in acne symptoms in all its phases. Good effect on the rough areas and uneven skin with scars. Stimulates a self development of connective fibers, so the skin surface is aligning.


photo laser facial for acne

We use TOP IPL laser device with USA FDA clearance for the treatment of acne. The only one device available in Prague!

The best results are achieved on inflammatory acne, best known as the sore, raised, red pimples.

The procedure is non-invasive since the applicator only lightly touches the skin’s surface, making it relatively painless. You will be asked to put on goggles to protect your eyes. A layer of chilled gel is applied to the area to cool the skin and guide the light. Tolerance of pain is very individual but it has been described by many as the warm feeling one has after a day on the beach.


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Why you should treat your acne at Beautyshape Center:

  • Results are visible from the very first treatment. Our Acne Clear Laser therapy works three times faster than antibiotics and topical creams.
  • After 6 treatments, up to 100% success!
  • IPL treatment is painless, non-invasive and doesn't need an anaesthesia.
  • No side effects at all. Sometimes your skin can be a bit reddish but it will pass after several hours.
  • It is safe - skin integrity is protected.
  • Eyes are protected with special googles.
  • This treatment is suitable for both women and men with all skin types.

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Description of IPL laser acne treatment

  • It is recommended to undertake a treatment twice a week. One IPL laser treatment takes 20 minutes.
  • For the most satisfactory results, we recommend undertake several IPL treatments per month.
  • For less severe cases we recommend 6 treatments. For severe cases the minimum of treatments is 8.
  • For better results, we recommend you to stay hydrated 3-5 days before and after the treatment.
  • For even better results, we also recommend a facial peeling treatment SOTHYS Resurfacant.
  • After the treatment, it is highly recommended to protect your skin from the sun.

Examples of acne treatments at BeautyShape Center

acne treatments before after


acne treatments before after


16 years old / 5 treatments

photo anti acne therapy


photo anti acne therapy after


30 years old / 4 treatments

Acne treatment (IPL laser) - pricelist

Face (1 treatment)


1 100 Kč

Package 6x Face treatments - you save 2 610 Kč!

3990 Kč


Chin (1 treatment)

600 Kč

Package 6x Chin treatments - you save 1 290 Kč!

2310 Kč


Neck (1 treatment)

900 Kč

Package 6x Neck treatments - you save 2 040 Kč!

3360 Kč


Face + neck (1 treatment)

1900 Kč

Package 6x Face + neck - you save 4470 Kč!

6930 Kč


Chest (1 treatment)

1300 Kč

Package 6x Chest - you save 2970 Kč!

4830 Kč


Back (1 treatment)

2400 Kč

Package 6x Back - you save 4740 Kč!

9660 Kč Kč

photo Acne therapy for teenagers Prague

Acne Attack - ozone therapy for teenagers

In methods of treatment with ozone a particular attention is paid to improvement of microcirculation, oxygenation, energy supply of cells, proper trophism and protection of skin. Many cosmetic problems including acne are reflecting the internal state of the organism, therefore they should be treated not only from the outside, but also inside. And this task can be successfully done by ozone producing a detoxication, antimicrobial, antiviral effect and increasing the organism's immunity.

Face (1 treatment)


490 CZK

Package 6+1 FOR FREE!


3 430 CZK 2 940 CZK (you save 490 CZK!)


Package 10+2 FOR FREE!


5 880 CZK 4 900 CZK (you save 980 CZK!)

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cure for acne

We recommend these products for home care

Sothys Desquacrem 50ml

Deep cleansing cream relaxes the skin and removes naturally produced impurities: sweat, oil, etc.


Comfort Zone Active Pureness Clay Mask 60ml

The clay, absorbent mask is intended for intensive cleaning with a calming, cleansing and healing effect. The clay mixture absorbs excess sebum and impurities, cleans and tightens pores and soothes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the IPL (Laser) Treatment Schedule?

    For long term results IPL treatment pogram should consist of 8 sessions (depending on the severity of the symptoms and the patient's progress). The interval: 2 treatments per week.
  • Why Lymphatic Drainage for acne?

    Along with major anti-acne treatments, we recommend to undertake Lymphatic Drainage program. Because weak lymph means your immune system can’t fight the acne infection promptly – that may result in pimples that seem to take forever to go away. Lymphatic Drainage has powerful detox action, removing toxins from the body, including liver, colon.
  • Why do some adults have acne?

    Often the hormonal fluctuations that cause acne are most common during the teen years, however they can also affect adults. Women may experience hormonal swings during their menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause that result in acne breakouts. Acne can also be a side effect of certain medications, such as anticonvulsants and steroid drugs. Some people may also have a genetic predisposition to acne..

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