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Maderotherapy does miracles. Especially for women who suffer from cellulite, love handles and stretch marks. Visit our salon in the center of Prague.

Madero massage - wood therapy (from Spanish wood - madera) is a holistic method of working with the body, which combines manual lymphatic drainage with intensive massage using special, wooden, anatomically shaped tools. Madotherapy is based on the ancient Chinese technique of massage, which was improved in the 1990s by Colombian experts based on knowledge of modern cosmetology.

Maderotherapy - Massage with wooden rollers. 100% natural therapy. Your body will be more attractive than ever before.

Beech rotating rollers are used in maderotherapy, which adapt to the anatomy of the human body. A total of 15 rotating rollers are used on the body and face. With their help, the masseur (trained madero expert) "shapes" the client‘s body by making it look younger, slimmer and firmer. Because as they say, beautiful body is a healthy body.

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Maderotherapy massage prague

What maderotherapy does. Advantages of madero massage:

  • Improves arterial and venous circulation. Regulates the lymphatic circulation, cleanses the body of toxins;
  • Improves muscle tone and increases physical performance. Regulates the nervous system, relieves anxiety;
  • Stimulates the production of elastin and collagen - the skin is strengthened, wrinkles disappear;
  • Stimulates lipolysis, thereby reducing local fat accumulation. Strengthens fat breakdown - fibrous cellulite is absorbed;
  • Deepens and relaxes the breath. Stimulates relaxation and balances energy centers;
  • Improves the external appearance of the skin - dry areas disappear, tan is even, there is a marble softness;

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Maderotherapy - rhythmic massage using anatomically designed wooden rollers.

Maderotherapy is such a natural method that it has very quickly become a hit among women around the world. Massage with wooden rollers is not unpleasant, does not cause pain, is hypoallergenic and gives a feeling of pleasant warmth. The design of the rollers allows them to adapt to the anatomy of the body. Therefore master "reaches" even into hard-to-reach areas: the inner thighs, the folds under the buttocks, the folds of the neck. The rollers gently align with the delicate areas of the hands, chest and face.

The main goal of maderotherapy is to help women achieve a healthy and beautiful figure. In addition to the aesthetic impact on improving the appearance of the body, the holistic aspect of the treatment also ensures its proper functioning. To achieve this effect, our madero specialist chooses therapy for each client individually. The combination of knowledge about the functioning of the lymphatic system, intensive instrumental processing of the subcutaneous tissue, as well as about the development of the fascia gives the complex therapy a multifaceted character. Deep tissue work gives a feeling of reduced muscle tension, which helps to relax, calm and relieve stress.


madero terapie praha

Maderotherapy body (75 min) Special price!

Maderotherapy body (90 min) Special price!

Each maderotherapy treatment includes: professional consultation with a certified madero therapist, selection of the treated area, manual warming of the skin with anti-cellulite massage, madero massage using wooden rollers, activation of the lymphatic system using other massage tools within maderotherapy.

1500Kč  1290 Kč

1700Kč  1500 Kč

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Maderotherapy cena

Maderotherapy package 6+1 FREE

Package validity: 1 month. You save 1290 Kč!

7 740 Kč

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Maderotherapy package 10+2 FREE

Package validity: 2 months. You save 2580 Kč!

12 900 Kč

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Video demo of Maderotherapy. Special technique of massage with wooden rollers

Maderotherapy results

What is the difference between classical massage and Maderotherapy?

Maderotherapy differs from fat reduction in that it focuses on the deepest layers of the skin, but also on the surface layer of cellulite tissue. This therapy is also effective for fluid retention problems, which ultimately reduces pain while significantly improving the appearance of the skin. It is a better form of massage thanks to the wooden elements that are used in Maderotherapy. Wooden rollers stimulate the lymphatic system to function properly, making the body easier to get rid of cellulite and cleanse overall. The rhythmic movements of the rollers massage the lymph flow, start the metabolism and, thanks to this, fat layers, toxins and harmful substances are eliminated from the body, which the body otherwise stores. In our country, these stocks manifest themselves just like orange peel - cellulite.

Each certified treatment of maderotherapy includes: professional consultation with a therapist and selection of the treated area, manual warming of the skin with anti-cellulite massage, maderotherapy using wooden rollers, activation of the lymphatic system using other massage tools within maderotherapy.


Maderotherapy is performed using special wooden rollers. The standard number in salons is usually 8-10
At BEAUTYSHAPE we have 21 madero rollers. Therefore, we can take care of any problematic area and achieve the best possible effects of MADEROTHERAPY. Our specialist has been working in the field of massage for over 10 years. He has been engaged in maderotherapy since 2019 and during this time he has undergone many international trainings.

Visible results Maderotherapy BEAUTYSHAPE Prague



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Maderotherapy. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How many treatments do I need to achieve results?

    The first results are visible after approximately six sessions. For each client, the results are individual and depend on the degree of cellulite. But after the first treatment, you will feel the "lightness of your feet". The optimal frequency of performance is about 2-3 times a week. The length of one massage is 75 minutes and the recommended treatment is at least ten sessions after two repetitions.
  • Is maderotherapy painful?

    Maderotherapy is a massage that does not hurt, on the contrary, it is pleasant. It can only hurt in certain places - usually in the area where the lymphatic or adipose tissue is located.
  • How will my skin respond to a wooden roller massage?

    The wooden rollers are made of 100% natural wood and protected by a varnish that is completely safe for the skin. In our salon, we pay attention to increased hygiene, so all the massage aids we use are always properly disinfected after each client.
  • How to maintain the best results after maderotherapy sessions?

    If you want to keep the effect for as long as possible, after completing the series, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, we recommend to book a maintenance treatment (recommended once or twice a month, sometimes once a week, depending on the client).

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