hairstyles for weddings in Prague

Wedding hairstyle in Prague

hairstyles for weddings in Prague

Bridal wedding hairstyles and bridesmaids hair updos

Bridal hairstyles do not only refer just to brides but to all the women who attend a wedding. Not only the bride has the desire to shine but also the bridesmaids, mother-in-law, mother, godmother and other women present there have this opportunity to glow.

All our hairdressers go through structured education programs and keep in touch with key members of L’OREAL Professional team. That guarantees our clients the top quality services and products, using the latest trends and technology in hair care.

We are here to help and advise you from the very start - not just the day you book.

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Preparation of wedding hairstyle

Within that stage we will:

► discuss with you a several options of bridal hairstyles
► study structure and details of your hair
► choose a style that will suit your face shape
► do a trial of your wedding hair, so you know exactly how your hair will look

Hairstyle on your wedding day

Our hairstylists can style your hair in our salon or at your place in Prague in the day of wedding. You just need to book in advance.

Apart from hair and make-up services, at BeautyShape center you can also book yourself for:

► manicure and pedicure
► facial
► massage

Prices for bridal hair styles

Final price will be set based on complexity of hairstyle and hair length after consultation with our hairstylist.

Wedding hairstyle in our salon

1 900 – 2 750 CZK

Wedding hairstyle at your place in Prague (out of the salon)

2 800 – 4 000 CZK

Wedding makeup

1450 CZK

Wedding make-up (outside salon)

2 400 CZK

Trial of wedding hairstyle

590 CZK


Bridal hair updos Prague in prague

Complete wedding hairstyle package for the bride and bridesmaids!

We offer a 20% discount for all wedding hairdressing services in our salon if you book a visit for 3 or more people.


All inclusive package for brides

Special Offer Bridal hair updos Prague in prague

Wedding package CLASSIC  

  • Wedding hairstyle

  • Wedding make-up


4 500 CZK
3 500 CZK!
at salon

5 500 CZK
4 500 CZK
Outside salon

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Wedding package ALL INCLUSIVE
You save up to 1 420 CZK!

  • Wedding hair trial + wedding hairstyle (90 + 90 min)

  • Wedding make-up (60 min)

  • Facial treatment (60 min)
  • Business manicure + Shellac (60 min)

  • Pedicure by GERLACH TECHNIK (60 min)


6 300 CZK

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After our beauty program every woman will look like a princess in her wedding day!

Tips for hair styles for wedding:

When trying to choose between wedding hairstyles there are a couple of things to consider. After all you’re going to be looking at the photos for years to come, so you want your hair to look its best. The same applies to your choice of wedding accessories, as they help to create your overall look. if you're finding it hard to decide on your wedding hairstyle, we can help.

  • Always discuss your bridal style with your hairdresser so she may give you exactly the look you want! Choose a style that will suit your face shape - round faces suit high "updo's" and sleek long styles while long faces suit styles that have width and volume. heart and oval faces suit just about anything - lucky you!
  • Take with you a photo of your wedding dress and any headpiece or hair accessories. So our hair stylist can tailor made your future wedding hairstyle to style of your dress. Traditional gowns work better with more formal hairstyles, whereas bohemian style dresses look great with more relaxed hairstyles—think tumbling curls and Grecian gowns (if you have short hair consider wedding hair pieces).
  • Find out if you need to grow your hair length, improve the condition with conditioning treatments, change the colour or have some highlights. It's better to go for it 5 days before wedding, in order to have time to wash away colour from your scalp and ensure colour of a hair got shiny and rich in tone.
  • Unless you are having a blow-dry, never shampoo or condition your hair on the day. Instead, wash it the night before running some mousse through before drying. if you are wearing your hair up, secure it in a high pony tail at bedtime. It's recommended to get a light tan before the wedding, so you do not look too pale.
  • In the day of wedding, ensure that everything is prepared upfront. You need to have time to pepare yourself. Start with make-up, then do a hairstyle. Visiting your make-up artist bring your own gloss or lipstick, you will need it duiring the day. If your hairstyle and makeup is done, put on your wedding dress. And don't forget to say "yes".

Wedding hairstyles with veil

Wedding hair setting with a bridal veil is often chosen by those brides whose image at the wedding will be traditional. In this case, the image will depend on this element, because the veil can be both short and long, multi-stage, any shape and color. Recently, the mantelet has become fashionable with laces on the sides. It looks charming and amazing as well! If you want a veiled hat, which is also now at the peak of popularity, then it is better to dissolve and curl your hair - you will look 100% more effective!.
Hairstyles with a bridal veil are suitable for almost every girl, so if you aren't eager to take risks and experiment, complement the wedding image with this accessory. 

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Short wedding hair

Many brides are worried that a short hair for a wedding will not produce a stylish and elegant styling. However, we want to convince you of the opposite! For boyish haircuts " or blunt bob, choose a hairstyle in retro style. Especially beautiful this style will look with a rim or veil.
Headache bands are often used to complement the image of wedding hairstyles and make it more luxurious. What is more, many modern brides with short hair simply comb hair on the back of the head and with the help of curling iron they make a light enlarged hair-ways.

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Wedding hairstyles for medium hair

The average length of the spikes gives the most extensive range to create the image. Wedding styling for medium hair can be completely different. Spikes are collected in a lock, curls are perminged, braided. Wedding hairstyles look luxurious, and with the same neat, they can be complemented by various hair ornaments.

Representatives of medium-length hair prefer straightforward styling since naturalness is now in vogue. Also in the top are weaving, the use of fresh flowers, smooth hair, and styling with a pile. Each bride will choose a suitable wedding hairstyle for an average length of curls.

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Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Owners of long and thick hair are laying them, braided on one side. To make the wedding hairstyle for such hair look more impressive, it is ornamented with diamond-cut steel heads, flowers or veils. Also in the photo of wedding hair styling for long hair, you may notice loosely curled hair, a traditional horsetail or a simple bun with hair ornaments. In this case, it is important to attach the veil either on the top of the head, or on the back of the head, so that it does not obscure the masterpiece made of hair.

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Wedding hairstyle in BEAUTYSHAPE. Comments of our clients

Getting married in Prague? Try our new keratin lash lift treatment.

Will make your own natural lashes appear longer and fuller. Creating a wide eyed and more glam look.

  • Add length, volume and lift to natural eyelashes with no extensions, no adhesive and no mascara.
  • Effect of lash lift will last for 4–8 weeks, depending on your natural lashes growth cycle.
  • If booked together as a package Bridal hair + Lash lifting 300 Kč discount is applied
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Masterclass: The latest trends in wedding hairstyles and makeup.

In March 2017 BeautyShape in cooperation with WhiteDays wedding dress salon held masterclass, where were represented the news in hairstyles and make-up of the year 2017. There was a show of hairstyles and make-up collection for special ocasions: graduations, weddings and parties. Professional makeup artists and hair stylists from BEAUTYSHAPE also presented their Tips and Tricks how to make beautiful hairstyles and make-up.

Wedding makeup. wedding hairstylists in PragueBook a free non-binding consultation with our wedding hairstylist & makeup artist in BEAUTYSHAPE Prague

Do you want to discuss details of your wedding hairstyle or makeup? Feel free to come for consultation with our team of wedding hairstylists & makeup artists.

You can book a consultation:

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