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Gel and acrylic nails

Nail Extensions by highly qualified nail technicians in Prague

If you want an instant increase in the length of your nails or find it hard to grow your own nails then gel nail extensions are ideal. UV gel nail extensions provide a thin, natural looking nail extension, which are hard to tell from the real thing. They are thin, flexible, non-yellowing and non porous. Gel nails provide a natural look with durability. For nail extensions at BEAUTYSHAPE we use Jessica and Shellac CND which are the world leaders in Professional nail care products. We stock a wide range of nail vanish colour ranges from classic and the lastes collections of Jessica and CND Shellac Polish and Gel colours including the younger innovative gel namely Smart Gel You will be pleased to know that we use CND addictions which are odour free for all Enhancements and Nail Extension products Acrylic and Gel.

So you can be assured that the products we use will not just makes your nails look great but it will not damage your natural nails base.

Gel overlays on natural nails

Gel overlays are ideal for protecting your natural nails and helping them to grow to their perfect length. Clear gel is applied directly onto the natural nails. The gel is then cured under a UV light to give it that strong flexible and glossy finish which will normally last for up to 3 weeks. Gel Overlays is ideal for those with nails that flake, split or break, as it strengthens and helps protect the natural nail underneath.

UV Gel overlays are clear in appearance, leaving you with natural looking nails. For those wishing to have their nails finished with a colour polish or French manicure, our specialises in CND Shellac and Jessica nail polishes; stocking a selection of colours that can be applied straight on top of the UV gel overlay. Please note, gel overlays do not extend the length of your nails, if additional length is required gel nail extensions are available at BEAUTYSHAPE.

Gel Infills

Gel nail infills is a treatment that is applied to nails that alreadly have a UV gel polish applied to them. About 3 weeks after your initial gel nail overlay a gap will appear between the gel nail and the cuticle area at the base of your nail. The nail technician will carefully prepare the surface of the gel nail and fill the growth gap with liquid gel, this is cured under a UV lamp and the surface sculpted to the required shape. On average gel nail extensions or gel overlays on your fingers last for about two to three weeks before you should return to the salon for a gel infill.

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Nail extensions: step by step

  • Natural nails are buffed lightly so that they don’t have any shine, dust and moisture on it.
  • It is followed by a disinfection so the natural nail is protected. Then basecoat of gel is applied and cured for 2 minutes using UV lamp.
  • Now it's time for design of the gel. "C" curve is recommended so the nails look natural from every side. This coat is cured as well.
  • Top coat is applied and cured. The procedure is finished with a final wipe and massage nail oil around the cuticles.

Nail extensions - prices

photo Gel and Acrylic Nails

Full Set (gel / acrylic) nails 90 min Junior

Including manicure.



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Full Set (gel / acrylic) nails 90 min Senior

Including manicure.

990-1290 CZK

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Nails Extensions and Infill. Other services:

photo nail extensions

Infill + color - gel/acrylic up to 14 days

890 CZK

Infill + color - gel/acrylic after 14 days

1050 CZK

Infill + French manicure 

1000 CZK


Colour gel layers application

150 CZK

New gel color

320 CZK

Extra replacement/repair per 1 nail

50 CZK


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