photo loose skin after pregnancy

Slimming after giving birth

Giving birth is a beautiful, miraculous thing, but the physical aspect of what happens to your body after birth is a mother's body will never be exactly the same as it was before — but that is completely, 100 percent OK. That doesn't mean it will never be perfect and beautiful. It is just a bit altered, maybe a tad more stretched out in certain places.
The problem of losing weight after giving birth has almost half of women. Women are either disappointed with how their belly looks after giving birth, or terrified by slow weight loss after childbirth. "So how to get your body back to "normal shape” after delivery of the baby?

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photo slimming after childbirth

Tighten belly skin after pregnancy without side effects!

After delivery exercise to reduce stomach can help a lot. Lipomassage is a revolutionary method, which helps where diet and exercise does not. Lipomassage is a specially developed technology of endermologie, which offers a scientifically proven solution for localized places where there is a fat, cellulite, stretch marks, sagging and flabby skin.

slimming after childbirth

LPG, the world leader in cell stimulation with the Cellu M6, delivering 100% natural Lipomassage on the basis of 3-D skin stimulation. This method combines the action of dosed vacuum and roller massage triggers intensive biological responses: the stimulation of fat cells reactivates the elimination of resistant fat and the stimulation of fibroblasts ("firming" cells) revitalizes collagen and elastin production.

The results obtained through the use of LPG method have been also proven by scientific studies of 85 leading European and American universities. And on top, supported by more than 100,000 women worldwide having taken Lipomassage as a daily and integral part of their cosmetic care.


photo tighten belly skin
tighten belly skin

Treatment areas:

  • belly
  • thighs
  • buttocks

Immediately after the 6 week period you can start LPG treatment to restore skin elasticity and firmness of the body. Breastfeeding is not a contraindication.

LPG treatments are non-invasive, painless and also very pleasant!

Tighten belly skin, losing weight after pregnancy

LPG Systems (France)


photo after delivery exercise to reduce stomach

1 treatment LPG Lipomasáž (anti-cellulite) - 40 min


1 350 CZK


1 trial LPG treatment - 10 min

for free


Elastic body (costume)

1 000 CZK


Special package for new mothers
Save up to 3 100 CZK!

8 treatments + elastic body for free!
Validity: 3 months

8 700 CZK



Slimming after child birth


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Tighten belly skin, losing weight after pregnancy. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How many sessions do I need to start seeing results?

    Results vary for every person, however an average mom starts to notice the changes after about 3-4 session.
  • I have a seam after caesarean, when can I get Lipomassage to get rid of a scar?

    For anyone who has ever suffered a disfiguring or debilitating scar, you know that the recovery process is long, painful and sometimes provides lackluster results. LPG Mechano-Stimulation treatment you can start 10 months after caesarean, when scar is stable enough. The results that patients have experienced from LPG Mechano-Stimulation provided by the Cellu M6 machine have been nothing short of life-changing.
  • How long I have to wait after childbirth to start LPG Lipomassage postpartum treatments? Can I do it during breastfeeding?

    You can start the LPG Lipomassage postpartum 6 weeks after giving birth. Breastfeeding is not a contraindication.
  • Does the procedure hurt?

    Rest assured that you are in the best possible hands. With your highly trained therapist, and the machine’s capability of changing intensity, you won’t need to be in pain. It is a non-invasive, relaxing treatment.

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