anti ageing skin care treatments in Prague

Anti aging treatments

Wrinkles and aging skin

With age, the skin gradually loses its density and firmness. First wrinkles appear around the age of 25, mostly in the area around the eyes, forehead and mouth, and between the eyebrows. Later, wrinkles are deeper and deeper and a distinctive wrinkle on the forehead and heav y eyelids are visible. Wrinkles are accompanied by sagging facial contours and dark spots.

An early use of the right cosmetic products can delay the process of aging and soft or remove wrinkles. In our beauty salon, we use only luxury cosmetic brands Sothys Paris (France) and ComfortZone (Italy) and we stick to the best methods and techniques in the beauty industry in order to help you feel great again!

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We are offering you these special treatments:

anti aging face in clinic prague

Anti-age face treatment with an ultrasound (60 min)

Includes: cleansing with an ultrasound, wrinkle softening, massage, mask, cream

Ultrasonic spatula works on the principle of very fine high-frequency vibrations that very effectively cleans the skin, removes all dirt from the pores and dead cells. Monopolar radiofrequency capacitive, which allows penetration of active substances into the skin up to 60%, activates the production of fibroblasts and new collagen, improves the quality of the skin, reducing wrinkles, rejuvenates skin, and has a positive effect on skin elasticity.


1 250 CZK



Anti-age face, neck & decollete treatment with an ultrasound (90 min)

1 550 CZK

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Anti-aging treatments by Comfort Zone (Italy)

vyhlazení vrásek  ultrazvukem obličeje

SPA cosmetic brand Comfort Zone is a complex project developed by an Italian company DAVINES Spa, based in Parma, Italy. The company convinced the world about its quality by obtaining the "Best Spa Cosmetics Spa in European and Asian Spa Awards in 2006, 2008 and 2015". It is used in luxury beauty salons, spas and the best hotel chains such as Hilton, Intercontinental, Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Sheraton, Hyatt. ComfortZone delivers exceptional long-term results in a beauty care. Treatment is also an unforgettable sensory experience.

The therapist will recommend you the most suitable care so you can achieve an ideal rejuvenating effect.

photo anti wrinkle treatment

Skin Regimen (40 min)

A very effective cosmetic treatment with and exclusive Longevity complex. It is suitable for all skin types, in all seasons.
Immediate filling and skin firming. Fresh, radiant and refreshed appearance.


1 090 CZK

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photo best anti wrinkle treatment

Active Pureness Algae Regenerate (90 min)

Intensive oxygenation, brightening and recovery for all skin types. It combines a deep peel and marine extracts.


1 900 CZK

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Package 2+1 for half a price – you save up to 950 CZK!

4 750 CZK

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Package 4+1 for free – you save up to 1 900 CZK!

7 600 CZK

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photo best anti wrinkle

Glorious Skin (90 min)

Liftingové ošetření s okamžitým účinkem. Remodeluje rysy tváře, zmírňuje otok, vyhlazuje mimické vrásky.


1 950 Kč

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photo best wrinkle remover

Novinka! Chrono-reverser (60 min)

Inovativní omlazující hloubkový peeling s ovocnými kyselinami obnovuje strukturu pokožky, vyhlazuje nerovnosti a sjednocuje barvu pleti.


1 200 Kč

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Wrinkle softening with cosmetics by SOTHYS (France)

vyhlazení vrásek  ultrazvukem obličeje

Cosmetic brand SOTHYS Paris is called a multi-specialist in its field for a good reason. It is considered to be one of the top cosmetic brands. For luxury beauty salons, SOTHYS is a number 1 choice. Cosmetic products by SOTHYS Paris represent a complete skin and body care. Each treatment includes: make-up removal, peeling according to the skin type, cleansing, massage, serum, mask, day cream, make-up base.

The therapist will recommend you the most suitable care so you can achieve an ideal rejuvenating effect.

photo Sothys antiaging

Intensive Anti-Age Hyalouronique Collagene treatment (80 min)

Intensive treatment combines a technology with an exclusive modelling technique according to the new Digi-Esthetique approach. The anti-aging intensive treatment is tailored to the actual age of your skin. Immediate, significant and long-lasting effect.

Results: smoother, firmer, regenerated skin.

AFTER 3 anti-aging treatments FACE LOOKS about 4 years younger!*
*The results were obtained in a research on 41 persons. They were tested after 3 treatments during one month. 90% of people confirmed that after these 3 treatments their skin looks about four years younger.



2 350 CZK

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Package 2+1 for half a price – you save up to 1 175 CZK!

5 875 CZK

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Package 4+1 for free – you save up to 2 350 CZK!

9 400 CZK

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We recommend these products for home care

Sothys Crème jeunesse fermeté 50 ml

Face cream for anti-aging and face lifting contains βP3. TRI-KOMPLEX™, hibiscus grain extract and plantain cells.

Makes your skin younger and stronger. Více zde >

Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Serum 30 ml

Anti-aging cream serum with immeadiately lifting and filling effect, luxury ARCHI-LIFT™ technology.

It refills wrinkles, makes your skin stronger and brighter. 92% natural ingredients. Více zde >

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How often should I go for facial treatment??

    Pro optimalizaci výsledků doporučujeme 4-6 ošetření (každé ošetření v intervalu 3-14 týdnů)..

    • těhotenství
    • zhoršení systémových onemocnění pokožky
    • čerstvé opálení
    • zvýšená citlivost pokožky na slunce
    • onkologická onemocnění
    • diabetes ve fázi dekompenzace
    • epilepsie
  • How often should I go for facial treatment?

    We recommend to have 4-6 treatments with interval 3-4 weeks between each other.

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