best manicure for men in Prague

Manicure for men in Prague

Not only women but also men today want to look naturally groomed and attractive. It's no secret that hands and nails are a very important part of your image. It is the first contact, a handshake says a lot about you. Keeping your hands well groomed is considered professional not pampering. We’re not talking about gel manicures; just a neat, trim appearance. Proper nail and hand care is essential in order to achieve a polished look.

Self-maintenance with clippers often results in a rough look, and most men are not in touch with their inner emery boards. The occasional manicure from professionals will give you nice, even nails that can be easily maintained with a nail brush, soap and water. Therefore do not hesitate, come and visit our BeautyShape center in Prague down town. When everything is perfect, your appearance is changing.

Manicure for men - prices

male manicure in down town of Prague

Business manicure for men (50 min)

We use are of the highest quality and have little or no fragrance, and we minimise the discomfort when removing your cuticles by avoiding the use of cuticle trimmers, and instead using a special cuticle moisturising solution and little wooden sticks to push back and clean away the cuticles. Includes: nails alignment and shortening to the same length, cuticle softening and adjustment with Jessica nail device, hand care treatment and massage.

Special Offer! Business manicure along with a facial or haircut - 390 CZK!


590 CZK

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Peeling of hands

120 CZK


Relaxing hand massage

150 CZK

Nehtové studio praha. Manikúra a Shellac

Package: Business manicure 6+1 FOR FREE!

You save up to 450 CZK!


2 700 CZK

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Instrumental professional pedicure for men by GERLACH TECHNIK (Germany) 

140 years of experience with a modern research and innovation!

Instrumental method is 100% painless and bloodless treatment (that type of pedicure can be also done for diabetics). Removal of dead skin is done naturally by grinding, which does not break the integrity of skin surface.

The entire pedicure lasts around 1 hour. For that treatment we also use creamy scrubs, skin butter, oils, softening agents, feet massage or body wrap. For pedicure we use instruments of GERLACH TECHNIK (Germany) - 140 years of experience.

Why is a pedicure by GERLAH TECHNIK better for you?

Unlike classic pedicure – apparatus pedicure is more than just a cosmetic procedure. The procedure held on the newest equipment with individually selected abrasives and nozzles. Apparatus pedicure is the most accurate, safe and pleasant procedure pedicure for the health of your feet.

It completely eliminates the risk of healthy skin damage and accelerates regeneration of damaged tissues.

best pedicure for men in praguebest instrumental pedicure for men in praguebest instrumental pedicure for men in prague's down town

Pedicure for men - pricelist

pedicure for men in prague

Pedicure by GERLACH TECHNIK (60 min)

Includes: bathing feet in a warm water, desinfection of feet, nails nails alignment and shortening to the same length, nail cuticles treatment, removal of dead skin cells from the feet, toes and nail beds, cream application.


890 CZK

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Peeling of feet

90 CZK

Relaxing feet massage

140 CZK

Nehtové studio praha. Manikúra a Shellac

Package: pedicure 5+1 FOR FREE!

You save up to 890 CZK!


4 450 CZK

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t massaze

New! Thai Foot Reflexology Massage (30 min)

Thai Foot Massage has originated from Thai masseurs who studied Chinese, Korean and Japanese forms of reflexology and came up with an hour treatment that combines reflexology technique with some Thai tecniques for the feet and legs. Thai Foot Massage stimulates points and zones on the feet that form meridians (energy paths), which are connected with all the body organs. By stimulation of these points, it is possible to positively influence the functions of related organs, boost their natural rejuvenation, relieve them of pain, or even completely heal them.

490 CZK 
(without a pedicure)

390 CZK (along with a pedicure)

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When not to go for a pedicure?

Pedicure treatments will not be made if you have fungal diseases, warts, inflammation of the skin or psoriasis.

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