eyebrow lamination

Brow lamination

Eyebrow Lamination. Fixed restless eyebrows with a long-term effect.

Eyebrow lamination is a solution especially for those ladies whose hairs grow in the wrong direction or have small gaps between the hairs, as well as for those who want their eyebrows to look groomed. Do you want to tame the eyebrows that nature gave you? A new innovative method of eyebrow lamination that fixes stray hairs and also deals with too straight or thin eyebrows.

What is Eyebrow Lamination?

Lamination, or eyebrow fixation, is an innovative method of styling unsettled, curly eyebrows that have the wrong shape. This procedure calms the hair so you can brush your brow hairs to your desired and optically thickens each eyebrow. The eyebrows will look perfectly groomed every day and will keep their shape for up to 5 weeks.

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Why to choose eyebrow lamination?

If genetics haven’t pleased you with healthy looking, thick and silky eyebrows, eyebrow lamination is exactly for you. The procedure is suitable for clients who have the wrong shape of the eyebrows, the hairs are unyielding, indistinct or grow in the wrong direction.
Eyebrows after its lamination will keep their shape for a long time without any further adjustments, and you will thus save a few extra minutes every morning.

How does eyebrow lamination is done in our beauty salon?

Brow lamination is a three-phase procedure that leaves hairs fuller, darker and naturally curled. In the long term, thanks to the application of nourishing ingredients it restores the weakened structure of the brows.
The BEAUTYSHAPE method - eyebrow lamination is a 3-steps procedure:

  • Eyebrows and their surroundings are thoroughly removed, then disinfection is used to degrease the hairs.
  • The next stage is the application of 3 different products (the duration of action varies depending on the structure of the eyebrow hairs).
  • In the next step, the eyebrows colour is enhanced by a special pigment, that is available in several colour variants to achieve a natural look of the eyebrows.

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Eyebrow lamination + eyebrow coloring (60 min)

Each certified treatment includes: shaping and curling eyebrows, dyeing and laminating eyebrows, long-term strengthening of eyebrows and accelerating their growth by application of vitamins, proteins and amino acids that brighten and rejuvenate the eye area.

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Key advantages of eyebrow lamination at BeautyShape:

  • Long-term fixation of stubborn hairs that twist in all directions
  • If there is a lack of volume, gives 30% more density and makes eyebrow appear fuller, more flexible and softer;
  • Adds colour to eyebrows for 5 weeks - in addition, the need to use decorative cosmetics is eliminated;
  • Helps to hide the consequences of failed tattoo or old permanent make-up
  • You always have well-groomed eyebrows and do not waste time on their daily grooming

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Eyebrow lamination (FAQ)

  • How long does the eyebrow lamination treatment take time?

    The entire treatment lasts 60 minutes.
  • How to prepare for eyebrow lamination?

    Experts recommend do nothing with your eyebrows for 3 weeks before the procedure to achieve the best possible results.
  • How long does the Eyebrow Lamination effect last and when can the treatment be repeated?

    4-6 weeks. Experts recommend to do lamination no more than once every 1.5 months.
  • Important 24 hours after eyebrow lamination. How to take care of yourself properly?

    After application, it is forbidden to mechanically interfere with the eyebrows, and for the first 24 hours after application, it is essential to follow the next rules:
    • do not wet your eyebrows, do not smear them with anything or apply make-upp
    • do not exercise, do not visit the sauna or steam room
  • When can you not undergo eyebrow lamination (contraindications)?

    We do not recommend this treatment after taking antibiotics. Lamination cannot be done if there is an acne skin near the eyebrows.

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