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Slimming body programs for men in Prague

Not only women but also men today want to look naturally groomed and attractive. Do not hesitate, come and visit our BeautyShape center. When you look perfect, your perception by others is transformed. We offer beauty programs specially designed for the needs of male skin.

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Program of slimming and 3-D Body contouring

From the age of 25, despite a perfectly healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity, the body starts to slow down cellular metabolism, which results in acceleration of fat deposits in certain areas.

Lipomassage is a revolutionary method, which helps where diet and exercise does not. Lipomassage is a specially developed technology of endermology, which offers a scientifically proven solution for localized places where there is a fat, sagging and flabby skin.

LPG, the world leader in cell stimulation with the Cellu M6, delivering 100% natural Lipomassage on the basis of 3-D skin stimulation. Lipomassage has a much deeper effect than any other method able to treat cellulite, sagging skin, resistant fat deposits, while fully respecting all the components of skin tissue. This method combines the action of dosed vacuum and roller massage triggers intensive biological responses: the stimulation of fat cells reactivates the elimination of resistant fat and the stimulation of fibroblasts ("firming" cells) revitalizes collagen and elastin production.

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  • body firming
  • slimming
  • keeping your skin elastic

After 6-8 sessions, stubborn fat reserves are broken down, body is re-sculpted and loose skin is firmed – naturally. Session after session, skin quality improvements and figure toning will increase. It's easy; the more you do, the better you'll feel - and the more it is visible for others.

The results obtained through the use of LPG method have been also proven by scientific studies of 105 leading European and American universities.

LPG® Systems treatments - pricelist

1 treatment LPG (4 programs: slimming, shaping, firming and drainage)


1 250 CZK

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Elastic body (costume) - Endermowear

1 000 CZK

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Package of 6 treatments + elastic body costume for free - you save up to 1 000 CZK!

7 500 CZK

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Package of 10 treatments + 2 bonus treatments + elastic body costume for free - you save up to 3 500 CZK!

12 500 CZK

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Maintenance treatment (once per month – recommended)

950 CZK

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BeautyShape – the largest Hair and Beauty salon in Prague. Over 100 beauty treatments for you at one place.

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The largest Hair and Beauty salon in Prague.

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