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Hair extensions in Prague

Professional Micro ring & Keratin natural Hair Extensions (permanent)

Not 100% satisfied with lenght or volume of your hair?

Every woman dreams about long and thick hair. Do you know that you lose about 100 hairs every day? And your hair grow up only 1 cm for a month. If you will not cut hair ends, it makes about 12 cm for one year, and that´s not much?
Genetics plays a huge factor in determining the quality, density and possible maximum lenght of hair. We can’t influence it. There is one solution – hair extensions and this is very popular in these days.

Natural look Hair Extensions at BEAUTYSHAPE Prague is there for you. We do extensions to make your hair look longer or give an extra volume/density to your hair. Actually the hair extensions can offer you the chance to get celebrity-worthy hair.

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We offer only European and East-European hair of high quality. With 2-year frizz-free guarantee.

We use only ethically sourced human hair for hair extension at Beautyshape. When we do hair extension, we work with European type of hair. Strands of hair are available in high range of classic colors but we can deliver the tailor-made special colors, ombre, textures and lengths too. We would like to help you with choosing the right hair for you.

How is permanent hair extension done at BEAUTYSHAPE?

Professional consultation. We will discuss with you the length of hair extensions, quantity of hair strands and recommend the appropriate colour. There is possibility to make an ombre or highlighted effect or the weave extensions for the natural match with your own hair.
You can also choose the tailor-made colour and we will dye hair extensions before your visit for the hair application.

Application of Hair extensions. We can start with your own hair coloring and cutting, if needed. Then we make application of hair strands, haircut and final styling..


Advantages of hair extension at BEAUTYSHAPE

  • We use only ethically sourced human natural hair, never synthetic hair.
  • Only premium quality European (Russian) or East-European hair is applied. With 2-year guarantee against frizz for European hair.
  • Hair extension is not made by chemical gluing, therefore the hair extension doesn’t destroy your own natural hair.
  • We are confident in quality of our work, so we give you 30-day guarantee for no hair strands slipping.

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Price for black hair extensions (Agapé and Greek). Methods: Microring or Keratin

Beautiful smooth and fine hair with straight effect with no need of further hair ironing. This amazing hair has very good quality and therefore will stay for several years. Natural non-colored tone is black and dark brown but it is also possible to highlight. Wavy type of this hair is natural wavy and stays wavy, the straight type is available too. This type of hair is ideal for achieving a volume boost.

  • Europe. Price 1 strand incl. application
  •    85Kč  
  •    95Kč  
  •    115Kč  
  •    125Kč  
  •    135Kč  
  •    145Kč  
  •    155Kč  

Promo! For each hair extension service, you get a 500 Kč gift voucher on 1st maintenance service. (Validity of the voucher - 2 months).

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Price for Blonde & Platinum blonde hair extensions. Methods: Microring or Keratin

Platinum Blonde is not a virgin hair. It was highlighted by using modern technology, which removes pigments from the hair. Therefore there is a need to use regularly a nourishing mask for hair maintenance.
Blonde type is very popular for its price and hair length. Available a nice variety of colours up to very light platinum blonde. Advantages – beautiful platinum blond colour, good quality, super price and length. Disadvantages – without guarantee, but with good care –should not be any complications or frizz effect. We do not recommend further chemical treatments or hair ironing or comb the wet hair for this type.

  • Europe Blond 1 strand incl. application
  • Platinum Blond 1 strand incl. applic.
  •    95Kč  
  •    x  
  •    105Kč  
  •    x  
  •    115Kč  
  •    105Kč  
  •    185Kč  
  •    125Kč  
  •    215Kč  
  •    135Kč  
  •    225Kč  
  •    155Kč  
  •    255Kč  
  •    165Kč  

Promo! For each hair extension service, you get a 500 Kč gift voucher on 1st maintenance service. (Validity of the voucher - 2 months).

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Hair Extensions. Prices for maintenance services

Our service also includes full aftercare treatment, maintenance and removal program.

Price for hair from BEAUTYSHAPE
Price for hair from other origin

1 Micro Ring Reposition

27 Kč / €1.1

32 Kč / €1.3


Removal of 1 strand

15 Kč / €0.6

22 Kč / €0.9


Hair extentions prices (if you supply your own hair)


40 Kč / €1.6


Removal of protein bond



* If followed by further hair extention service at BEAUTYSHAPE, otherwise we charge 10 Kč per each 1 protein bond removal

Cena prodlužování pásky

Hair length I want to have
I want my hair to
Extended hair
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Price of hair
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Got your hair extended?
Try our Special offer - professional hair washing and nourishing treatment

You will need special care for your hair extensions. Hair extension has not hair follicle, so you should not use product with nourishing for hair follicles. Professional products with sulphates will not work too. This type of products could make your hair extension very dry and the hairs can start breaking.

photo glam seamless hair extensions

Luxury hydratation treatment for hair extensions (60min)

Includes: Hair washing with special sulphates-free shampoo, application of conditioner and hair mask, combing, styling and blow-dry with cold or middle warm air

980 Kč 490 Kč


Book a FREE non binding consultation on hair extentions

If you are not sure or have questions, you can book an appointment for free consultation with our specialist.

Booking of your visit you can do in 2 ways:

Hair extensions services at salon BEAUTYSHAPE Prague (FAQ).

  • How many hair strands is necessary for hair extensions? Should I do any special preparation before the hair extensions?

    30-50 hair strands will be required, if we need to create a volume boost or more density to your hair. For hair extensions - from 70 to 120 hair strands. If you have thick hair, we have to use more strands because of the match of your own hair and the new hair. We recommend to make an appointment for a consultation with our hair specialist who will make your hair extensions. The consultation is non-binding.
  • What is the minimum lenght of my natural hair, which is suitable for hair extensions?

    It is better to have longer hair – middle mikado to the shoulders for the perfect effect. The shortest hair for hair extension is about 7 cm. If you have shorter hair the hair extensions couldn’t look very good because there are not much hair to cover keratin bonds or microrings.
  • How long does it take in salon for complete hair extensions?

    During consultation, we will agree on the amount of hair strands which we will use, on the length of hair and its cut and color. The time of application depends on the quantity of strands and it is about 2-3 hours.
  • Could I buy different lenghts of hair strands for my hair extensions?

    Yes, we prepare hair strands in different lenghts. After they strand-by-strand are applied into your own hairs, that will make more natural look and transition from your hair to extensions looks very natural.
  • When shall I visit salon for the hair extensions maintenance services?

    To make extensions look always perfect, it is necessary to come for maintenance visits every 2-3 months. Do not delay it to 4 or 6. months after extensions. Hair between roots and extensions will be much tangled and strand shift (or removal of protein bonds) will be much longer and combing uncomfortable than if you visit after usual 3 months.
  • Is it possible to curl, straighten hair extensions or even colouring them?

    Yes. If you use a real human hair you can curl , flatiron , colour od highlight them etc. Of course you need to be careful to the bonds /connections. Extensions acts a little bit different then your own hair, therefore it is better to consult with your hairdresser to be sure.
  • What are the possible types of hair extensions?

    Permanent. Permanent methods are strand-by-strand meaning many small attachments are added. Examples include micro rings or keratin bonds. Semi-permanent hair extensions include tape-in pieces that last around 6-8 weeks. These are smaller sections than clip-ins and the new Invisible Tape extensions are almost completely undetectable when hair is down or worn up. Temporary methods include clip-in pieces, wefts and weaves where large pieces of hair are added.

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