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Skin rejuvenation.

Face photofacial (IPL system)

Painful, uncomfortable and invasive procedures are no longer in the modern esthetic medicine. People are more and more more interested in advanced methods of treatments, one of which is non-invasive photorejuvenation (IPL).

It is an exciting technology designed to treat many different skin problems, such as: superficial veins, fine lines and wrinklesficial veins, freckles, pigmentation, broken capillaries or sun damaged skin. If you have one of that, it can make you look older than you actually are.
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Skin Aging. Key drivers.

When we are born, our skin is supple and soft.
As we age, the skin, particularly around the face, begins to wrinkle as it loses its natural ability to retain moisture, production of new cells is inhibited and the dermis loses elasticity.

Additional Factors in Skin Aging: Chronic health issues, First and second hand smoking, Nutritional deficiencies, Medication, Psychological factors, Stress, Environmental effects (i.e. pollution)

photo the rejuvenation center

photo photorejuvenation

How does IPL photorejuvenation work?

Photo-rejuvenation is done by projecting a laser light onto the skin blemishes treated. The energy delivered causes the problematic cells to heat up and break down into substances which can then be absorbed and discarded via the blood stream. The blemishes treated are mostly found on the skin's surface, the "dermis", but the laser energy also heats up sub skin tissues (the "epidermis"), this causes increased collagen production which does wonders towards improving overall skin complexion.

The only one Photorejuvenation equipment in Prague with FDA US certificate.

We use state-of-the-art photo-rejuvenation equipment designed and tested in Europe and USA. It has FDA US certificate. Apart from skin rejuvenation, it has proven efficiency on pigmentation, sun spots and superficial venules (small veins) removal. Our therapists are thoroughly trained in assessing and recommending a course of treatments that are right for your skin.

photo ipl photorejuvenation

Benefits of IPL skin rejuvenation:

► long-term results!
► decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
► reducing the size of wrinkles
► decreases the appearance of sun-induced hyperpigmentation (age spots)
► increases circulation through the formation of new capillaries
► increases collagen production for plumper, more youthful looking skin
► increases oxygen and restoration of skin's natural cellular activity, which keeps skin renewed and fresh
► increased lymphatic system drainage
► increases moisture retention
► reducing redness and flushing caused by rosacea


! For long term results treatment sessions should consist of 4-6 sessions with the interval of 2-4 weeks.


Face photorejuvenation

1 500 CZK

Neck + decollete photorejuvenation

1 800 CZK

Face + neck + decollete photorejuvenation

2 200 CZK

Package 5 + 1 free (face) - save up to 1 500 CZK!

7 500 CZK

Package 5 + 1 free (face + decollete) - save up to 1 800 CZK!

9 000 CZK

Package 5 + 1 free (face + decollete + neck) - save up to 2 200 CZK!

11 000 CZK

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Example of the photorejuvenation effect. Photofacial before and after.

photo skin rejuvenation


photo skin rejuvenation


photo Skin Rejuvenation before


photo Skin Rejuvenation after


Skin rejuvenation (FAQ)

  • Jak často absolvovat ošetření?

    Pro optimalizaci výsledků doporučujeme 4-6 ošetření (každé ošetření v intervalu 2-4 týdnů)..
  • IPL skin rejuvenation with other treatments

    IPL is effective in itself but a combination of treatments could enhance results further. Other treatments capable of giving you firmer, younger-looking skin include microdermabrasion and facial peels. Deep lines or wrinkles might also benefit from line and wrinkle smoothing or dermal fillers treatment.

    • těhotenství
    • zhoršení systémových onemocnění pokožky
    • čerstvé opálení
    • zvýšená citlivost pokožky na slunce
    • onkologická onemocnění
    • diabetes ve fázi dekompenzace
    • epilepsie
  • Udržovací ošetření

    Pokud chcete, aby vám tento stav vydržel, případně se i nadále zlepšoval, doporučujeme tzv. udržovací ošetření za 4 až 6 měseců.

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