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Manicure. Nail salon Prague

Looking for a manicure nail salon in Prague?

BeautyShape salon is located just in the center of Prague. It is our job and pleasure to keep your hands & nails at their very best. For manicure services we use Jessica nail care products - Hollywood stars' choice. Demi Moore, Madonna, Hillary Clinton, Julia Roberts and many other celebrities are using Jessica products for nail care.
Our nail services include: French manicure, nail polish, Shellac, relaxing massage of hands and even more nail treatments.

Our professional staff will ensure that you get the perfect results.

Manicure prices in our nail salon

photo Nail salon in Prague

Express manicure (20 min)

Includes: nails alignment and shortening to the same length, cuticle softening and adjustment, hand treatment.


390 CZK

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Business manicure (50 min)

Includes: nails alignment and shortening to the same length, cuticle softening and adjustment with Jessica nail device, hand care treatment and massage.
Special offer! Business Manicure - if booked together with any hairdressing or facial service - 490 CZK!

550 CZK

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Wellness manicure (70-90 min)

Includes: nails alignment and shortening to the same length, cuticle softening and adjustment with Jessica nail device, peeling of hands, paraffin wrap to make your hands softer and look healthy; relaxing massage of hands with moisturizer; Nail polish and color polish.

890 CZK

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Manicure Shellac prague

Package 6+1 manicure for free!

Express /Business / Wellness.


2 340 / 3 300 / 5 340 CZK

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photo french manicure prague

Japanese manicure P-SHINE (60 min)

Japanese manicure P-shine is ideal for dry, brittle and flaky nails. It is a form of taking care of your nails that the aristocratic ladies of Japan discovered four hundred years ago. It gives nails the delicate luster of a rare pink pearl. Today, we borrow from those ancient beauty secrets to achive the perfect natural manicure. The regular P-shine manicure improves the condition of your nails, stopping breakages and stimulating nail growth as well as blood circulation.


750 CZK

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photo Hot Manicure and Shellac prague

Hot New! Hot Oil Manicure – Solution for Dry, Flaky and Brittle Nails (50 min)

Women often ask our manicurists what is the solution for her flaky and brittle nails. Hot oil manicure is the answer!
Hot oil manicure is a luxurious and relaxing treatment of not only pampering your hands but also imparting unparalleled nourishment to your nails and cuticles. It is best suited for dry and ribbed nails, damaged cuticles and brittle flaky nails. In simple words, it is a process of showering the goodness and moisture of a special creamy bath to nourish you hands, nails and cuticles. As a result, your hands and nails will be healthy, soft and delicate.


550 CZK

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photo Manicure in our nail studio. Shellac

Nail Care Services


Color polish

260 CZK

French manicure

170 CZK

Peeling of hands

120 CZK

IBX nail strengthening

560 CZK

Cool hydrating paraffin wrap

350 CZK

Nail art

150 CZK

Nail correction

40 CZK

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Shellac nails - innovation in nail design!

photo Shellac in prague

Standard polish

photo Shellac salon prague


What is Shellac?

Shellac is a revolutionary answer to all customers who want beautiful nails but do not have time for nail’s care. It is designed for natural nails, whilst it helps to strengthen weak and thin nails and adds flexibility to hard and fragile nails. This is not a gel lacquer. The main difference is the removal of gel lacquer and Shellac. The gel lacquer should be filed down and Shellac is easily removed with usual acetone. There is no damage to your nails and on contrary nails is protected for 14 days and begin to grow. Shellac offers a high gloss, intensive color depth and a perfect natural look, with up to three-week period without any wear out or scratch.

Shellac Manicure in our nail studio.

Advantages of Shellac

  • Thin, yet strong - Shellac protects and strengthens natural nails
  • No need for sharpening, sawing or other damage to nail
  • The whole procedure takes only 40 min.
  • Large variety of trendy colors.
  • Offers 14 days of high gloss shine and is removed in ten minutes without drilling or filing.

This revolutionary method is especially suitable for women, who do not want or can’t have artificial nails, but still want to look groomed and stylish.





360 CZK

Business Manicure + Shellac - save up to 150 CZK!

790 CZK

Manicure + Shellac + relaxing massage - save up to 200 CZK!

860 CZK

Manicure + Shellac + relaxaing massage + paraffin wrap - save up to 260 CZK!

970 CZK

Shellac removal from BEAUTYSHAPE / from other nail salon

100/250/490 CZK

BeautyShape – the largest Hair and Beauty salon in Prague. Over 100 beauty treatments for you at one place.

About Us

The largest Hair and Beauty salon in Prague.

Our team of professionals will offer more than 100 beauty services.

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