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Latest news of beauty industry, new treatments, reviews of the latest products before they hit the shelves, useful beauty tips and tricks that anyone can put into action, no matter their skin type or budget. All that you can read in our professional Beautyshape blog. Here they are, all in one place from our professional team.

Zarůstání nehtů trápí nejednu ženu či muže, stejně jako například paronychium čili zánět nehtového lůžka. 

Everyday you are eager to look particularly good. In addition to the usual beauty treatments, you can consider more interesting ones. Among them, a special place is occupied by chemical face peel - a way to make the skin more elastic, young and fresh. If you desire to conquer everyone for the holidays with your well-groomed and imposing appearance - it's high time not only to find out what it is but also to try it yourself!

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Toužíte po krásném a pevném těle bez celulitidy? Přály byste si docílit hubnutí břicha či stehen? Díky neinvazivním metodám od LPG a Comfort Zone můžete dosáhnout lokálního hubnutí i odstranění celulitidy, a to bez vedlejších účinků! Formování postavy nebylo nikdy tak jednoduché!

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The largest Hair and Beauty salon in Prague.

Our team of professionals will offer more than 100 beauty services.

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