Сhemical peeling. How to choose?

Everyday you are eager to look particularly good. In addition to the usual beauty treatments, you can consider more interesting ones. Among them, a special place is occupied by chemical face peel - a way to make the skin more elastic, young and fresh. If you desire to conquer everyone for the holidays with your well-groomed and imposing appearance - it's high time not only to find out what it is but also to try it yourself!

What is skin peeling as a face treatment?

Everyday worries, constant stress, and routine sometimes leave no time to take care of yourself. You begin to notice how the skin begins to "get tired" and look dull, dry, or vice versa - too oily. Such unpleasant things a priori cannot be pleasant - you want to return the face of youth and health. Many begin resorting to masks and scrubs, but this does not always give the desired effect. Are there alternatives that can dramatically affect the condition of the skin and improve it?

Chemical peel facial treatment is a process of exfoliating horny skin after applying a reagent on it. Thus, its’ rejuvenation can be achieved due to the natural process. Often, it is quite a laborious procedure to remove the old skin parts completely. Horny scales prevent the person from “breathing” and being updated in time, because of them you may experience itching and discomfort. Deep facial peel allows you to completely free you from these particles, returning freshness, a feeling of lightness and a healthy, consistent color.

Skin cleansing treatment procedure is safe and recommended by cosmetologists all over the world for many years. Dermatologists have a positive attitude towards professional deep chemical face peel - skin renewal has a beneficial effect on its’ general condition, but not only on its’ outer appearance.

There are only a few types of face peel treatment:

  • deep;
  • middle
  • superficial, and
  • mid-superficial.

Often it is recommended to conduct superficial and medi peel. This is quite enough to feel a global improvement in the face condition. Before peel therapy, it is necessary to undergo appropriate training. Regarding cosmetic peeling face, you will be assigned special creams that will nourish and protect the skin. What is more, it is necessary to limit sunbathing for a while, and if necessary, use the sunscreen cream.

Chemický peeling lightening

It is best to consult a doctor about the acid face peel treatment procedure in case you have any skin problems. This applies to those who suffer from various allergic reactions in particular - during the process the structure of the skin is intentionally damaged by the action of special substances. It is called the acid face peel. In particular, these are safe acids:

There are only a few types of face peel treatment:

  • milk;
  • glycolic;
  • almond;
  • salicylic and others.

Also in the mixture used for professional peeling, may include other reagents. The task of these substances is to increase the efficiency of the process, which gives maximum results if carried out by its’ course. The number of layers at the same time is applied purely individual.

For cases where the usual procedure cannot be applied, there is a special option - peeling for problem skin. Also, with the help of such cleansing, you can achieve not only smooth skin but also the disappearance of pigment spots.

Of course, there always is a place for different contraindications, such as the following - the procedure cannot be performed during pregnancy and lactation period, oncology patients, people with a tendency to scarring and with pronounced couperosis. This list also includes persons with exacerbations of chronic diseases and skin phototype 4-6. After reading the all above-mentioned information you may ask - how much is a face peel price?

Chemical peel price

Price of chemical peel treatment in Prague's salons varies from 1500Kč  to 2000Kč for 60 min service.
In order to achieve desired effect you need to undergo 4-6 treatments.

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